Virtual Computing Labs

What is a Virtual Computing Lab (VCL) ?

In a virtual lab, students are not confined to physical computers to access applications that are needed to complete homework assignments. Instead, the student can access University-licensed computer software via the Internet. The UMA-CIS program is pleased to be able to provide this service to students who are taking CIS courses at a distance. We have recently configured a groundbreaking virtual computing lab to provide a comparable experience to students who do not have access to the physical labs at the University, sites, or centers.

Who Can Use the VCL?

Students who have a high-speed Internet connection can now log into a virtual lab from a Mac or a Windows PC and have access to the software they need to complete their homework assignments - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How Can I Log into the VCL?

Logging into the Virtual Computing Lab is a two-step process.

First you need to download and install Viscosity, the VPN client for Windows or Mac that will provide a secure way to connect to the Virtual Computing Lab.

Your credentials will be added to the Virtual Lab when you are enrolled in a CIS course with a lab component that requires licensed software. Your instructor may ask if you plan to use the VCL before adding your name to the list of VCL users. Your instructor will provide instructions on acccessing the Virtual Machine.