Azure Dev Tools for Teaching
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The Computer Information Systems Program partners with Azure Dev Tools for Teaching (formerly known as the Microsoft Academic Alliance Program (MSDNAA)) that makes the latest development tools, operating systems, and server software available to CIS faculty and students.

Students who are enrolled in a course that teaches the application of a Microsoft product that is part of the alliance will be given an opportunity to purchase the product at a greatly reduced rate.

We believe that this partnership supports the academic learning environment in the CIS program area.

At the beginning of a course which requires Microsoft software, your professor will send an e-mail to our Azure Dev Tools program coordinator, Diana Kokoska with a list of authorized CIS students and the software for which they are eligible.

Professor Kokoska will approve an account, and e-academy, Inc., a partner of Microsoft, will send you an e-mail with the URL of the UMA CIS Online Software System Store.

As an authorized MSDNAA online software system user, you will be able to order the software to download or have delivered to your address.