Certificate Program

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Health Informatics

The Health Informatics Certificate is a 31-credit hour program designed to help health information managers leverage information technology in the healthcare field. As information technology becomes integrated with the delivery of healthcare options, there is an increased demand for health care professionals to manage electronic medical records.

The certificate coursework will prepare students in an information technology program with no previous  healthcare experience or students in a healthcare program with no previous  technology training to apply for positions that require an understanding of both IT and the healthcare field.

The courses required for the certificate integrate medical information and technology training.

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Information System Security

The Information Systems Security Certificate is a 33-credit hour program designed to help prepare individuals for the challenging world of information security. IT systems are increasingly under attack from a broad range of threats, and the impact from attacks are significant. Failure to properly protect an organization can cause significant loss of revenue, customers, jobs, as well as possibly forcing an organization to go out of business. The certificate in Information Systems Security will allow students to acquire and apply various methods, tools, technologies, and processes to help secure an organization.

The certificate coursework will help prepare students for positions in information assurance and information security analysts. Employment of information security analysts is projected to 22 percent from 2010 to 2020 according to the US Bureau of Labor. Personnel trained in information security are needed to project the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information resources and the infrastructure that enables the sharing of information.

The courses required for the certificate integrate information security topics with computer information systems.

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Web Development

Add contemporary skill sets to your Web development toolbox with hands-on training in the most popular open-source technologies. Complete your Web Design Certificate on a flexible schedule -- completely online.

  • Design, develop, and maintain Web sites using scripting languages or Web authoring tools and content management systems
  • Create graphic design elements such as text effects, badges, icons, logos, buttons, animated images, banners, and menus
  • Write effective Web page content
  • Build e-commerce sites with a gateway interface and shopping cart
  • Apply effective social media strategies
  • Increase site visibility with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) policies
  • Perform Web usability testing
  • Secure Web applications and social media
  • Prepare a pricing matrix for Web development services

According to projectlogin.com, there are currently 920 jobs for skilled Web professionals in Maine and that number is expected to increase by 90 new positions by 2020.  The median salary for 2012 was $54,200 with diverse employment opportunities and flexible schedules.

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Data Science

The emerging field of Data Science is based on the essential skills necessary to perform in a data-centric society. A data scientist is naturally interdisciplinary, with the ability to interpret and communicate findings, and apply problem-solving, analytical, critical thinking and decision making skills in the workplace.

Five years ago, a certificate in Data Science was nearly non-existent in the world. Now, the field is one of the fastest growing academic specializations. UMA’s completely online Data Science program engages students from around the world to fill the demand for data-driven decision making in all sectors and industries.

Take courses that provide hands-on application in computer science and information systems, database design and management, statistical analysis, data transformation, data storage, information theory, digital mapping, and many others.

A required internship experience extends the boundaries of academia by providing the practical dimension of real-world work experience directly related to the field.