CIS Program Faculty

Computer Information Systems (CIS) is a program in the Professional Studies Department and is staffed with a department dean, Brenda McAleer, dedicated faculty with academic credentials and industry experience, and skilled administrative support personnel on both the Augusta and Bangor campuses.

The faculty regularly attends seminars, participates in professional development activities, and networks with other faculty in the information technology field.

The faculty in the CIS program serve as student advisors, assisting students in making informed class selections. The CIS program offers a variety of programming, systems analysis, networking, data science, Web design and development, and information technology classes.

In tandem with her faculty position, Professor Kokoska is the Program Coordinator and oversees the day-to-day operation of the CIS program. She also maintains the informal CIS Website

In addition to four full-time faculty members, the Computer Information Systems program has an impressive complement of adjunct instructors who teach classes in the discipline. Many of the part-time faculty are employed full time in the area in which they instruct and bring to the class an unparalleled industry perspective.

Meet Our Full-Time Faculty

Diana Kokoska


Professionally, I hold a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education from the University of Maine System and a Masters of Science in Business Administration from Husson College. Fifteen years of industry experience and 27 years of post-secondary teaching... View More

Henry Felch


Originally I am from Maine, joined the Army and served 22 years as an Armor crewman on a M1A1 Abrams tank. I was stationed in many locations around the U.S., Europe, and Korea until I retired in 2004. I worked the last two years of my Army career in ... View More

Betina Tagle


My IT career started in 2000 when I joined the US Navy as an Information System Technician (IT). During my military career I worked in a wide range of IT areas, from help desk technician to manager, system administrator to network administrator, patc... View More

Matthew Dube


My research is truly interdisciplinary and in diverging areas. One branch focuses on counterfactual sampling of the congressional and legislative redistricting processes in the United States. Another branch focuses on theoretical underpinnings of s... View More

I obtained a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, with a minor in Church History, from the Boston College School of Management. My three-decade career in computing focused on software development & systems engineering, enterprise architecture, in... View More

Dawn Ego is a professor of cybersecurity for the University of Maine at Augusta where she is a full-time member of the CIS faculty.... View More

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