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Mark Goodridge

[Mark Goodridge]
Academic Area:Networking, hardware, and programming
Location:Rockland College Center

My experience with computers started in the 1970's when I was selected with about 200 other U. S. Army officers to learn computer programming. After about six weeks I could do a fair job of programming in BASIC. And that was the last time I ever wrote a line of code for the Army.

But the experience stayed with me after I left the Army. In every job I had I became the go-to guy for computer problems even though computers were never part of my job description. While I was trying to have a career as a business manager I kept getting sidetracked with projects in networking, databases, hardware, server management, and web design. Finally I quit trying to have a normal life, went back to college, picked up a couple of degrees in computer technology, and settled down to be what I was obviously intended to be from the start - a computer guy.

My primary interest in computing technology is the interface between carbon-based and silicon-based life forms - and making sure that silicon-based life forms are properly designed to make life easier for carbon-based life forms.