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Carol Churchill

[Carol Churchill]
Academic Area:Web Design & Development/Graphic Design
Office Address:N/A
Office Hours:By Appointment

Professionally: I am an alumnus of the University of Maine at Augusta, where I received my Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems in 2003 and in 2005 earned a Masters in Information Systems from the University of Maine.

I have worked for the University of Maine Augusta for over twenty years. My full-time job was in the Information Technology (IT) department. In this position, I had the opportunity to work with both faculty, staff, and students providing training in technology and productivity applications. I was also the Assistant to the BlackBoard administrator, developing online clubs and organizations. I also participated in administering an online class in Web Design and Development. In June 2015, I retired from my full-time job in IT at the University and now devote my time to the University as adjunct faculty.

As an adjunct, since 1999 I have taught many computer-related classes, including CIS100 Introduction to Computing, CIS131 Web Applications and Development, Adobe Flash and CIS231 JavaScript.

I believe that faculty, especially in the CIS program, need to continue to grow professionally. Since 2005, I have continued to take classes in my field, keeping up to date with the latest technology.

Personal Life: In July 2009, I married a great guy and professional photographer named Skip Churchill. I have four grown daughters and five grandchildren, who keep me very busy in my role as wife, mother, and grandmother.