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Catherine Demchur-Merry

[Catherine Demchur-Merry]
Title:Adjunct Faculty
Academic Area:Technology
Office Address:Online
Office Hours:By Appointment

I was awarded my Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration Management from the University of Maine Augusta and earned a Master of Science degree in Computer Technology Education from Thomas College. To increase my knowledge and remain current in this exciting, ever-changing field, I continue to take courses in administration and technology

I have taught as adjunct faculty for the University of Maine Augusta since Fall 2000. Over the years, I have taught the following courses for the CIS department: CIS100 Introduction to Computing, CIS131 Web Applications and Development, CIS101 Introduction to Computer Science, CIS135 Introduction to Information Systems & Application Development. I have taught ABU190 Spredsheets & Problem Solving for the School of Business at the University of Southern Maine. I have also taught at the community college and high school level.

My interests include sea kayaking, gardening, traveling, backpacking, cycling, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, reading, writing, cooking, and photography.