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Matthew Dube

[Matthew Dube]
Academic Area:Data Science, Geographic Information Science/Systems, Query Design, Artificial Intelligence, Redistr
Office Address:126 Jewett Hall
Office Hours:Mondays: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Tuesdays: 3:00 PM - 5:30 PM
Thursdays: 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Web URLhttp://cis.uma.edu

Ph.D., Spatial Information Science and Engineering, University of Maine – 2016
IGERT Sensor Science, Engineering, and Informatics Certificate, National Science Foundation - 2011
M.Sc., Spatial Information Science and Engineering, University of Maine – 2009
B.A., Mathematics and Statistics, University of Maine – 2007

As an academic, my interests are predominantly centered upon how spatial data (directions, locations, objects, measurements, etc.) are understood by humans, motivating how we design information systems to best meet the needs of their users. Using this information, my role in the Computer Information Systems community is in developing the formal models that can be implemented within systems to process the mountains of data that exist into usable, synthesized information tied to how humans conceptualize it. To design systems, we ultimately must understand the user’s thought process.

I am currently involved in a major collaborative project in the area of congressional redistricting. For the last two centuries, the political environment has developed into a manufacturer of representation based simply upon how districts are drawn. My research examines redistricting from the approach of artificial simulations matching the parameters of redistricting to provide a statistical backbone for objective analysis of the redistricting procedure, independent of the state and the geologic processes that have created its fiat borders.

I am also involved with various equine studies in collaboration with researchers at the University of Maine. We are working on safety in the horse racing industry as well as in better understanding mare fertility based on breeding practices.

Though a new faculty member at UMA, I have been a teacher in some capacity for the last 13 years. My teaching experience includes sports (baseball, basketball, and soccer), partner dance, secondary mathematics (geometry, pre-calculus, calculus, statistics), presentation skills, logic, leadership, advanced spreadsheet design and analysis, discrete structures, database engineering, sensor design, and spatial reasoning. I am best characterized as an interdisciplinary teacher who can connect disciplines. As the world becomes more collaborative, this is a key skill.

My previous work experience includes six years with the Upward Bound Math-Science program at the University of Maine, as well as serving the University of Maine System in the implementation of and security for the MaineStreet academic records management system that we employ today.

Outside of my academic work, I have lots of interests. In the spring and summer, you can find me mostly on baseball fields, umpiring all levels of baseball in the state. In the summer and fall, I love to kayak and hike. Year round, I love board games and am also a versatile musician. Day-to-day, I live in Oakland with my fiancé Nikita and our two cats Sammy and Muzby.

Academic/Professional Recognition:

2016 – Michael Morin Fraternity Advisor of the Year
2016 – Sigma Phi Epsilon Volunteer Excellence Award
2015 – Pi Beta Phi Faculty Member of the Month Award
2015 – Vespucci Initiative Top Mock Research Grant Proposal
2015 – Michael Morin Fraternity Advisor of the Year
2014 – Michael Morin Fraternity Advisor of the Year
2014 – All Maine Women Distinguished Mentor Award
2014 – Michael Eckardt Research Fellowship
2011 – European Cooperation on Science and Technology Young Researcher’s Forum Invitee
2009 – NSF IGERT Fellowship