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Matt Dube

[Matt Dube]
Academic Area:Geographic Information Science, Discrete Structure
Office Address:113 Art Building
Office Hours:Monday 4-6 PM, Tuesday 10-12 PM, Thursday 2-4 PM

My research is truly interdisciplinary and in diverging areas. One branch focuses on counterfactual sampling of the congressional and legislative redistricting processes in the United States. Another branch focuses on theoretical underpinnings of spatial language for implementation into artificial intelligence applications. I also am involved in a spatio-temporal data science grant to support ecological adaptation research about climate change.

I teach courses in predominantly data science and software development. Outside of CIS, I also teach courses in public administration, emergency management, biology, geography, and interdisciplinary studies.

As a native of western Maine, I am intricately familiar with the region and the underlying demographics, particularly as it relates to educational attainment and poverty. I am from a poor family with only one high school diploma amongst the members of my large collection of aunts and uncles. I am the first advanced degree in my family. As a function of that, I do substantial work with TRiO initiatives across the University of Maine System.

In my spare time, I am a baseball umpire, a dance instructor, a gardener, and I have a musical background. Each of these informs my teaching in various ways.

Ph.D., Spatial Information Science and Engineering, University of Maine - 2016
M.Sc., Spatial Information Science and Engineering, University of Maine - 2009
B.A., Mathematics and Statistics, University of Maine - 2007

Data Storytelling, Purdue University - 2021
User Experience Design, University of Cape Town - 2020
Artificial Intelligence: Implications for Business Strategy, Massachusetts Institute of Technology - 2020
IGERT Sensor Science, Engineering, and Informatics Certificate, National Science Foundation - 2011